Minsk Was Born On November 8th 1901 In Russia

Vladimir Minsk
Mini kinskey
Rank Sergeant
Enlisted In Allied Forces, Red Air Force
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Leonid Kinskey

Sergeant Vladimir Minsk (Russian: Владимир Минск) is a fictional character who appeared in the pilot episode, The Informer. He was played by Leonid Kinskey.

Sergeant Vladimir Minsk is a sergeant in the Soviet Air Force before he is captured by the Germans and then sent to Stalag 13 as a POW. Minsk, pre-war, came from a long line of Moscow tailors, and because of this background is made the tailor for Colonel Hogan's Anti-Nazi organization. One of his major tasks would be to create the appropriate pieces of clothings to be worn for the missions that the other prisoners would conduct. In the pilot episode, he appeared in several scenes, including the one where he is shown preparing the appropriate German civilian clothing for Lieutenant Carter to wear when he is finally sent on his way back to England.

Although he has appeared only once, in the series' pilot episode, as Mr. Kinskey refused to sign a contract after the pilot is made into a regular series by CBS, since he didn't think that the series took the Nazis seriously enough, Minsk should be considered a background character, since he is never officially written out of the series. Minsk's tailoring duties in the series are taken over by both Corporal Newkirk and Corporal LeBeau in the regular series.