The rising bed entrance is a double bunk bed set up inside Barracks 2.

The rising bunk bed entrance operates by having a prisoner stand in front of the bunk bed. Once it is determined that the coast is clear, the frame of the bed is struck two to three times. In later episodes, the bunk is struck in a particular place, and a small bit of the frames can be seen to be depressed. The bottom bed would then rise up until it is placed under the bottom part of the top bed. At the same time, the lower support frame of the bed would become a ladder which would be lowered into the tunnel which is under that particular barrack. The floor under the bunk would drop down at the same time. This would thus allow anyone inside the barrack to go down into (or come up from) the tunnel. In some episodes a button is pushed twice to allow for the ladder to be lowered. A person could not get into the barracks without someone first lowering the ladder for them. In several episodes some sort of line or cable can be seen to be travelling up or down behind the vertical frames of the bunk; probably part of the actual counterweight system moving the bunk.