Oscar Schnitzer
Rank Vet
Enlisted In Civilian
Serial Number Unknown
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Actor Walter Janowitz

Oscar Wilhelm Ferdinand Schnitzer is a recurring fictional character in the 1960s situation comedy, Hogan's Heroes. He is a local veterinarian who is also the handler for the guard dogs that are used at Stalag 13. He was played by Walter Janowitz.

Known Character History Edit

Oscar Schnitzer was born in Leipzig, Imperial Germany on June 30, 1897 (speculation). Not much is known about either Oscar Schnitzer's personal history or his family background, other than that his father is still alive though presumably in his eighties at least, and he has a niece named Heidi, which means that he possibly has at least one brother, if he isn't married. As local vet and handler of the guard dogs at the camp, Oscar's main job is to come at least once a month in his truck and replace the dogs with a new group so that they wouldn't get too friendly with the prisoners. Although never fully explained why in the series, he is actually sympathetic to the Allies' cause, and secretly works with the underground so that the dogs that he takes with him to the camp are actually friendly to Colonel Hogan and the other prisoners, occasionally allowing the prisoners to use their in-camp kennel as part of their tunnel system. Also, as the guards are too afraid of the dogs to closely check his truck, he sometimes uses it to smuggle in food, equipment and supplies to Hogan and his men, smuggle them out so that they can perform their missions, or to transport to or from the camp escaped prisoners, downed Allied pilots or other people who want to escape from Germany. He also brings in secret messages from the underground to Hogan, as well as takes back to them his responses or those that are sent directly from London. He appears to have an outwardly good rapport with Schultz, with whom he usually deals whenever he visits the camp, humorously bantering with the sergeant especially to distract him from seeing Hogan and his men smuggle something from the truck.

Post-World War II Edit

Not much is known about the fate of Oscar Schnitzer after the war.