Lieutenant Schmidt (Durnitz)
Rank Obersturmführer
Enlisted In Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Willard Sage

Obersturmführer Schmidt (Durnitz) is a ficitional character who appears in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Hogan's Hofbrau. He was played by Willard Sage.

Lieutenant Schmidt first appears in the episode entering Klink's office along with Captain Milheiser. After being welcomed by Kommandant Klink and hearing Milheiser tell Klink not to stop what Sergeant Schultz is presently doing, he and Milheiser both sit down in a couple of chairs set next to Klink's desk. He then hears Milheiser start to tell Klink that they are the chairmen of a project to beautify Berchtesgaden and that they are going around the local units asking their officer for donations. He then mentions to Klink that the project's final goal is to be 1 Million Marks. He hears Klink tell them that the amount didn't sound to be too much for a worthy cause and that he is willing to help, before they hear him start to tell them about the commander of a nearby artillery unit whom he is sure would be able to donate to the project. He hears Milheiser quickly interrupt Klink, who is about to call his friend, to inform him that they have already visited that officer's unit and that he has already donated 3000 Marks to them. He then adds, to Klink's dismay, that the officer had also given them his name. He and Milheiser now hears Klink tell them that he couldn't give them any money at that time. At this point, he hears Milheiser interrupt Klink and ask him for a couple of booklets. He quickly hands the booklets over to Milheiser, whom he then sees begin to show them to Klink. He then hears Milheiser explain to Klink that the white book contains the names of all those who have already donated to the fund, while the black one contains those who have not donated to the project, and that they intend to hand both of them over to the Führer. He next sees Milheiser open up the white book to Klink while telling him that it is filled. He then sees him open up the black one, while telling him that it is blank, until that moment, insinuating that Klink's name would be the first one to be written into it. He then hears Klink comment that his is a small unit, which he hear Milheiser interrupt with a laugh before he hear his ask if he might have in the past used the money from the prisoners' ration fund in such a situation. They both hear Klink quickly deny the charge. After that, he hears Milheiser comment that Klink's would now be the first name placed in the black book, while he started to get out his pen. Once he had gotten the pen out of his coat, he gives it to Milheiser, who then asks for Klink's name. Klink starts to give Milheiser his name and rank, although he starts off giving him the wrong ranking before he corrects himself. As this occurs, he comments that Klink would be leading the way. They and Klink then hear Schultz announce that he has finally found the slip which contains the order for the 5000 wooden plate that had been ordered for the camp. A distracted Klink asks Schultz if he is sure that it is the list while he says the number 5000. Durnitz hears Milheiser, who thinks that it is the amount that Klink is finally willing to donate to the project, before he sees him start to write down both the number and Klink's name. When he hears Klink start to dispute the number, he asks him if he had meant 10,000 Marks. The two officers hear Klink say that he think it is mistake for them to think that he isn't going to donate to such a worthy cause. He and Milheiser then stand up while he hear Milheiser informs Klink that they would expect to see the promised money by the first of the month. He and Milheiser then leave Klink's office.

That night, he is seated at a table in Hilda's Hofbrau with Milheiser when they are approached by Hilda who aks them if they would mind sharing a table with another officer. The pair tells her that they didn't mind before they are joined by Hogan, who is presently wearing a disguise as a Major Hopple. He and Milheiser greets Hopple, before they hear him order a beer for himself and then for them. After Hilda leaves, he hears Milheiser introduces them to Hopple, before they hear him introduce himself to them before they watch him sit down. He then tells Hopple that he notice that he is wearing a Luftwaffe uniform and comments that he didn't see too many Luftwaffe officers in the area, before he hears Milheiser ask him if he is assigned to the POW camp. They hear him acknowledge that he is, in a way, as temporary duty. He and Milheiser then tells him about their recent visit with his kommandant, with him saying that Klink is spineless, while they both hear him agree with their assessment. The three then laugh, just as Hilda returns with their drinks. They take their beers and after thanking her, offer her a toast. As a smiling Hilda leaves, they all take a drink from their beer. He and Milheiser quickly stop drinking, with Milheiser spiting out what he had just drank, while he announces that the beer is terrible. They then hear Hopple say that he didn't think that there is anything wrong with the beer, especially since he haven't drank any during his last combat assignment, before he starts to tell them what happened during that assignment. The curious pair listens to his tale, before he hears Milheiser ask him if things are really that bad on the Russian Front. He then hears Hopple comment that he has never said that is where he had been assigned. He tells Hopple that his story implies that is where he had been assigned, before the two hear Hopple ask them if that is where their unit is being sent. After hearing Milheiser reply that they can say that they aren't going west, they hear him give them his sympathy, before he asks Hopple if he have any advice to give them. He then hears Milheiser remind him about security, which is followed by Hopple's agreement. The trio then makes another toast, this one to what Hopple announces to be a soldier's best friend. He and Milheiser claim that it is the Führer, before they hear a 'surprised' Hopple announce that it is actually long winter underwear. The pair both agreed to Hopple's comment before they start to drink to the proffered toast. After that, he hears Milheiser ask Hopple if he knew about the beautifying Berchtesgaden project. After hearing Hopple comment that he has been out of town, he tells him what it is for. The pair then hear him say that he agrees to the cause and they then see him pull out 500 Marks, which he then hands over to them. He looks over the money, and asks Hopple why the bills appear to be so new. He and Milheiser hear him comment that the bill has been made for him, which causes first Milheiser and then himself to laugh, soon followed by Hopple, while the two German officers don't realize that the bills are actually counterfeit. The trio then goes back to drinking the beer.

Durnitz is next seen once again inside Klink's office, standing next to Milheiser as the pair remind Klink that it is the first of the month and that they have not as of yet received the promised 5000 Marks. After hearing Klink acknowledge that fact, he asks him where is the money. They hear Klink reply that he has to get the money from the bank, but that he is presently too busy to go get it now. He then hears Milheiser inform Klink that he won't get away later, before he tells him that it sounds like he is not going to redeem the pledge. After hearing Klink's reply that he doesn't understand how they would think such a thing, he hears Milheiser reply that it is based on Klink's present actions. The pair then tell Klink that he should bring the promised money to them that night at their temporary headquarters at Hilda's Hofbrau, before they finally leave his office.

That evening, he is inside the Hofbrau, seated at a table with Milheiser, as they see Klink walk into the building, before they see him approach their table. As they start to speak with him, he hears Milheiser say Hopple's name, before he notices him as well, as he hears Milheiser ask him to join them. He then sees Hopple approach their table, before he hears Milheiser reintroduce Hopple to both himself and 'his commanding officer', Klink. He watches Klink stand up upon seeing Hopple, before he hear him ask the three if they knew each other. He replies that they do and that they are very good friends, before they hear Hopple claim that Klink has troubles with names after they hear Klink say 'Major who?', before they hear Klink blurt out the name 'Hogan'. He and Milheiser then hear Hogan claim that that is actually his first name before hearing him say that his full name is Hogan Hopple. When they hear Klink ask him about the uniform, they hear Hoople claim that he has gotten it on sale from a local Army/Navy store, before he announces, in response to Klink's question about why he is there, that he is heading back to camp with a work detail. The trio then see the members of the detail, who Klink recognizes as LeBeau, Newkirk and Carter. He and Milheiser then see Klink start to sit down while saying that he think that he is coming down with a fever. At that point, Milheiser and he start to remind Klink about his donation to the beautification fund. They hear Klink start to tell them that he didn't have the money when they hear Hopple interrupt him by saying that he's surprised that Klink has forgetten that he has already sent him to the bank to get the promised money. He and Milheiser then hear a surprised Klink ask him if he is sure about that before they watch Hopple hand over to him what he claims is 5000 Marks. Duritz takes the money from Hopple and as the others watch, he counts the money, which he says did in fact come to 5000 Marks. He and Milheiser then hear Klink say that he's surprised that they would think that a fellow German officer would short change them. As he put away the money, he hears Milheiser first thank the Major, before he announces to everyone inside the Hofbrau that the drinks are on him. He then hears Milheiser ask Hopple to join them. He hears Hopple decline the offer, before he announces to them and Klink that he still have to take the detail back to camp.

He is last mentioned in the episode as Schultz is talking to Hogan outside Klink's office, asking him where he has gotten the money. Hogan informs him that the money is homemake, which made Schultz realize that the money is counterfeit. He then informs Hogan that Milheiser and Donitz would both be placed in chains if they are caught with the fake money. Hogan tells him that he hopes so before he heads back to Barracks 2.