Brigadier General Konrad Hofstader
Rank Brigadeführer
Enlisted In Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS
Serial Number
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Actor Henry Rico Cattani

Brigadeführer Konrad Hofstader is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Hold That Tiger. He was played by Henry Rico Cattani.

General Hofstader is a Panzer General-grade officer, who is the commander of the fictional German 3rd Panzer Division. (The real 3rd Panzer Division would still be fighting in Russia at this point.) In the episode, the General calls Colonel Klink's office, asking Klink what has happened to the Tiger tank that he has sent to help put down a "prisoner revolt" at Stalag 13. Klink tells him that while the tank has indeed arrived, he never asked for it, and he has no idea where it went. Klink then tells him that his men would search for it inside the camp.

Hofstader physically appears later in the episode at the start of a roll call being conducted by the camp's guards, when the General's staff car enters the stalag, along with his staff. After getting out of the car and seeing that there is no evidence of a prisoner revolt, he looks at Klink and starts demanding where his tank is, while at the same time threatening to have Klink reduced in rank. As they argue over whether the General should inform Berlin about the missing tank, with Klink pleading against it, the Tiger (actually an M7 Priest) suddenly bursts out of the camp's rec hall, soon creating chaos. The tank heads for both General Hofstader, Klink and the General's staff. The General tries to make the tank stop, but he decides to get out of its way when it wouldn't. Tiger uses the chaos caused by the tank to exit the camp, carrying with her the blueprints of the Tiger tank that the prisoners have made earlier. The General, after getting away, is soon following the tank while riding in the sidecar of a motorcycle, following his staff who has gone back into the staff car, all giving chase to the tank after it has burst out of the camp through the gate, going in the opposite direction from where Tiger and her escort, LeBeau, are going.

Trivia Edit

General Hofstader and his staff are wearing Waffen-SS uniforms. The 3rd Panzer Division was a regular German Army division not a Waffen-SS Division. The 3rd Waffen-SS Division, the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf was not yet a full Panzer Division. Instead, it was a Panzergrenadier. So, for story purposes, the Panzer divison mentioned in the episode is actually a Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier Division.