Barracks 2 is one of several barracks inside Stalag 13. It is this particular barrack that Colonel Hogan uses as his main base of operation for his Anti-Nazi operation. Barracks 2 contains seven to eight bunk beds, including the one that hides the rising bed entrance, a large table, several chairs, a weed bucket with a false bottom to keep in storage certain items, like stolen papers and liquors, several lockers which contains a false bottom to hide costumes, a sink where the sink periscope is kept, a footlocker which also contains a false bottom, a stove, and Hogan's office. There are also several windows which allows the prisoners to look outside.

In the series' first episode, The Informer, the heroes' main base of operation is said to be based in Barracks 7. In a later first season episode, Oil for the Lamps of Hogan, a goof has the heroes based in Barrack 3 instead of 2. But, for most of the series, the organization's main base of operation is Barracks 2.